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Get started with our $49 Intro Pass.

Get one month of unlimited in-studio, Zoom livestream,​ and video on demand yoga.

Central Oregon residents only; one per student. Begins on the first day of your paid class & applies to both studio locations. No refunds or extensions.

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Don't live in Central Oregon or not interested in in-studio classes?
No problem. We've got something just for you.

Our Zoom Unlimited Intro Pass is just $30 and includes one month of Zoom livestream and video on demand classes.

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Once you've had a month to catch your rhythm,

If you are practicing less than 2x/week or less than 7x/month then a CLASS PASS is your best deal. They NEVER expire so use them at will. 

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If you are practicing 2x/week or 8x/month our
is your best deal.



 UNLIMITED MONTHLY MEMBERSHIPS (includes Zoom livestream & video on demand)


  • Automatic payments occur through your stored credit or debit card

  • 3 month minimum commitment 

  • 30 days notice to cancel

  • Members are eligible for our summer special and get a free month of yoga after July! Choose one month between August and December, and email us to let us know which month you'd like to keep your money in your pocket

  • Members get 2 Gift of Greatness passes per month to give to new students who have not yet practiced at the studio



ZOOM UNLIMITED OPTIONS (includes video on demand)

ZOOM MEMBERSHIP (includes video on demand)


 Class passes never expire.


60 minute Yoga Private
$95 (1-2 people)
4 classes for $320

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90 minute Yoga Private
$130 (1-2 people)

4 classes for $450

For Larger Private Groups:

  • 3-10 people $185 for 60 minutes

  • 11-20 people $245 for 60 minutes

  • Off-site Fee $30 (for locations outside of our studios)

  • Optional Mat/Prop Rental $30

  • Optional Sound Bath $30 

  • If your group is larger or you need additional time, we can work out a custom option for you by emailing us at

Looking for another option to pay for yoga?
Ambassadors are eligible to exchange studio support for their class pass.

Choose your level of spice.

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Power Flow

Our spiciest offering! Power Flow is a challenging and rewarding practice suitable for all levels of practitioners. When practiced regularly, you’ll create accelerated results in your overall body strength and confidence. The class begins with sun salutations to create heat where movement is linked with breath. Then you’ll raise your vitality through crescent lunges and twists, increase your equanimity through balancing poses, experience grounding, and ignite your spine in backbends. We’ll finish up with floor-based stretches and the opportunity to be still and let the whole practice settle into your bones. Classes are 60 or 75 minutes and the room is heated to 90 degrees. (If the temperature is super hot outside in summer, we’ll drop the class temp to 80.) 


Haven’t been to Power Flow before? That’s totally alright —  beginners are welcome! Come on in, and give it a shot — this is a safe place to try new things.


Medium spice! Have a full-spectrum yoga experience with this crowd favorite. This class combines Power Flow with the benefits of passive Yin postures. Spend the first 30 minutes in Power Flow then lay on the floor for Yin poses designed to tone the connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments. Arise feeling renewed, restored, and ready for the rest of your day. Room temperature is 90 degrees. (If the temperature is super hot outside in summer, we’ll drop the class temp to 80.)


Super mild spice. Yin yoga is known as the quiet yoga. Many of the most popular forms of yoga are fundamentally “yang” in nature, based on rhythmic movement of the muscle. Yin yoga, in contrast, tones and nourishes connective tissue (facia, joints, ligaments, and tendons) which can enhance our range of motion and overall physical well-being.


Postures are practiced on the floor, and each is held for a period of 3 to 15 minutes. Yin is a discovery-based yin yoga practice accessible to all backgrounds and body types that teaches you to relax, connect, and accept the present moment. It utilizes longer holds in the poses which allows for more focused energy medicine — meditation, breathwork, acupressure, reiki, yoga nidra, and other healing modalities. As a result, you can access a balanced state, and your body can be energized with a new flow of prana or life force. Room temperature.

Healing Flow

Mild to medium spice. The class offers a lot of variety and focuses on creating space for natural healing of the body through moving energy, strengthening the core, improving balance, and releasing tension. Movements will be paced with the breath to start, with longer holds to lengthen tight muscles, nourish connective tissue, and provide deep mental relaxation. More modifications are offered than in our Power Flow classes, and the holds are shorter than in our Yin classes. This class is accessible to all levels of physical conditioning and experience and is ideal for beginners, athletes, seniors, and pre- and post-natal students. Room temperature. 

Soulful Flow

Medium spice. A playful flowing journey working stability and mobility, strength and ease. Soulful Flow is an opportunity to try on some new moves, transitions, poses with support and guidance and support as we flow. Requests taken at beginning of class. All welcome. Room heated to 80 degrees.


A super chill offering! Restorative Yoga involves complete rest with no load placed on the body and promotes health through postures supported by bolsters and other props. We work very hard in our lives, and while we may sleep, we rarely take time to rest. Restorative yoga poses help us learn to relax and rest deeply completely free from physical tension. 

Gentle Chair Yoga

Mild Spice! Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is done sitting on a chair or standing on the ground while using the chair for support. Chair yoga participants can enjoy all the benefits of yoga, including improved muscle tone and mobility, increased breath capacity, stress reduction, better sleep, an improved sense of well-being, without having to get up and down from the ground.

Yoga Nidra

Our most chill offering. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that helps calm the mind and relieve stress. It is designed to allow you to step into stillness and take time to nourish yourself. Yoga Nidra offers tools to reach a state of deep rest, improve the quality of sleep, and calm the nervous system for deep relaxation. It is called "yogic sleep" though it is not sleep — it helps you access a level of relaxed wakefulness that is even more restorative than sleep. (often incorporated into workshops, Restorative and Yin Yoga)

Recovery Yoga

Embracing the universal wisdom in the 12 Steps and the yogic teachings, this class allows time for you to share about wherever you are on your journey, so you can find peace in your body. Wednesdays, 6-7 PM. 

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