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Teacher - Leader Program Overview

Take your teaching & leadership to the next level with concrete principles, tools & techniques to help you share your skills, love & passion with your students!

Promises of the Program

  • A breakthrough in self-expression, and in the power and effectiveness of your teaching and leadership.

  • An experience of mastery in teaching the Baptiste Methodology and the ability to apply the methodology to any class you teach.

  • A transformed relationship to fear, risk and failure, resulting in new levels of freedom and power to contribute and lead.

  • An experience of partnership, being cause in the matter and living from the heart – being someone who leaves others empowered, enabled and present to their own greatness.


The Namaspa TRUE U 300 Hour Yoga Teacher-Leader Program will be an experience of sharing, practicing and breaking through to higher levels of authenticity and expression. You will advance yourself on your path as a powerful teacher/student/leader of the Baptiste methodology - and as a leader of your community. This is the cutting-edge training in the Baptiste world, coming straight out of the Institute’s Level Trainings and the FIT to Lead Program and is led by Tier 3 Certified Baptiste Influencers Brandy Berlin and Suzie Newcome.


Who is this for?

Already a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher? Our Namaspa 300 Hour Registered Yoga School is for teachers who already have their RYT200 Hour Certification through Yoga Alliance and are looking to learn or deepen their experience of yoga through the Baptiste Methodology.


How does it work?

At Namaspa, we are committed to accessibility. Unlike most 300hr advanced yoga teacher trainings, rather than a 'contained' program like a 200hr, our 300hr is broken down into smaller trainings that can be completed according to your timeline and budget. Like a university, you complete required Namaspa Core Requirements and Electives to create a solid foundation in the Baptiste Methodology. And unlike any other yoga schools we know of, you can even get credit for 'outside electives'  - so you can explore other yoga modalities outside Namaspa Yoga School based on your individual interests.


Additionally, many hours in the program can be completed as part of an 'energy exchange' - for example, assisting the Namaspa 200Hr teacher training, mentoring 200Hr teachers-in-training, teaching in Outreach classes, and teaching in and giving feedback in Community Classes. Namaspa is committed to providing flexible and affordable options so earning a 300hr certificate is accessible to all.​

What do the 300Hr Program Pathways look like?


300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Summary (For Graduates of Namaspa 200Hr)

  • 150 Namaspa Core Requirements

    • Direct advanced Instruction in the Baptiste Methodology

      • Ex/ DARE U 100hr Program

  • 100 Namaspa Electives ​

    • Namaspa Trainings, Workshops, Practicums, Mentoring

      • ​Ex/ Evoke 60hr Yin Immersion​​​

  • 50 ‘Outside Electives’ or more Namaspa Electives

  • Click here for the detailed pathway for Namaspa TRUE U 200Hr Graduates

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Summary (For non-Baptiste trained 200Hr grads)

  • 200 Namaspa Core Requirements

    • Direct advanced Instruction in the Baptiste Methodology

      • Ex/ DARE U 100hr Program


Program Components

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