Children's Yoga Teacher Training

The power of yoga & meditation is undeniable. Every day, science confirms the benefits of these practices to make our lives better. And that goes for children, too, especially right now.

Join Namaspa's lead trainer Deven Sisler to become a certified Children's Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, or for a single drop in specialty weekend. She has developed a comprehensive 95 hour teacher training that is perfect for parents, counselors, yoga teachers and educators who want to share the benefits of yoga and mindfulness with children to reduce stress, anxiety, while increasing focus, concentration and self-regulation of emotions.


Our weekend format is designed to support your personal rejuvenation and self care. From this wellspring you can meet the children in your life with equanimity, patience, and presence. Each weekend will give you tools to optimize your offering for various ages, group sizes, and settings, while giving you the opportunity to embody empowerment, relaxation, and practice teaching.  Every session will give you tangible tools to start sharing immediately.

The entire 95 hour Teacher Training will cover:

  • The three pillars of the Deven Sisler's Children's Yoga school: ethics, communication & holistic growth

  • Guided meditations, breath exercises, partner yoga and mindful games

  • Foundations of Non-Violent Communication

  • Developmental Patterns & Anatomy

  • Practice Teaching & Feedback

  • Science based evidence for why and how these tools work

Weekend Courses include:

  • Foundations of Kids Yoga

  • Warriors of Loving-Kindness

  • Yoga in Schools

  • Tweens & Teens

Attending all four modules, with self-study and practicum hours will complete your 95 hour Yoga Alliance approved certification. Some participants choose to complete this training in a linear fashion in a year, others may take up to three years to complete the teacher training.

REQUIRED READING (sections of the following): 

  • The Yamas & Niyamas By Deborah Adele

  • YAMI YOGI MANUAL by Deven Sisler (available for purchase at Namaspa)

  • Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life 3rd Edition by Marshall Rosenberg

  • How to Talk so Kids Can Learn By Adele Faber


Do you want to help the children in your life cultivate focus and concentration? Do you see children struggling with emotional self-acceptance? Do you know that the youth you interact with could use more tools to calm and self-regulate? Do you think increased strength, flexibility and breath control could help the youth you work with, but you don't know how to teach those tools? Are you a parent or educator struggling with your own self care? These are tremendously hard times and this training will give you techniques to teach these holistic life skills.

You will receive practices and a supportive community for cultivating your own self-care techniques, so you can meet the children in your life from a wellspring of rejuvenation. We will play, laugh and have fun together- guaranteed! You can turn around to cultivate this joy in your own community through mindful games, story vinasa and songs. We will get physical with the most accessible sun salutations and easiest first vinyasa for anyone and everyone! You will gain insight into the three pillars of Deven's Children's Yoga Schoo: ethics, compassionate communication and developmental stages to support both you and the children you work with.

This training is designed for parents, caregivers and educators. Deven is a mother, so she brings that awareness to the table, so our time together will be instructive, efficient, inspiring and rejuvenating! You do not need to have any experience in yoga or meditation to attend this training. This training is an excellent way to start or expand your personal yoga and meditation practices in the most accessible way.


"Deven is such a joy as a teacher, her experience shows, and she loves to share her knowledge which is such a gift to her students."


"This training was a lot of fun! I encourage everyone who’s looking to enhance their communication skills, dive deeper into their practice & press their student into a place of playful discovery to make the time for these modules. The first weekend has affected the way my kids & I engage in the daily. We breathe together more, giggle regularly, & have adopted an attitude of connected play! Thank you 😊"


"Generally great course! So lucky it went online and I was able to attend! The live teaching sessions where great as a teaching tool as well as assessment of our learning. Accountability through out the whole course was good touch and now something I know has been missed on other courses I have taken. Homework was relevant and was well thought out, was more additional learning and additional content of the course..which free'dup time in the live sessions. The course structure was strict enough. Enough time given to everything. Nothing felt rushed or lacking in info."


Deven Sisler has been teaching yoga and meditation to children and families internationally since 2005, and AcroYoga since 2007. These key pieces of mastery coupled with her professional background in theater, art, and circus collaborate to create an embodied teaching practice for those who want to share Kids Yoga & Family AcroYoga with others.In 2011, after a decade on the road, she made Bend her home and in 2011, she finished writing her Children's Yoga Teacher Training manual (with the massive support of Suzie Newcome) and built the curricula recognized by the Yoga Alliance that trains Kids Yoga & Family AcroYoga Teachers with exemplary skillfulness and a focus on social justice and inclusivity.Deven has worked with and welcomes parents, grandparents, current yoga teachers, educators, counselors, caregivers, therapists and anyone who wants to share the practice of yoga with children. To teach the children well in these modern, changing times is her focus and her hope is to support the next generation with tools that build self-awareness, confidence, comfort and strength. She is continuously learning, growing and evolving her dedication to self-practice and exploration while exploring the great outdoors with her family. Learn more at

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