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Dive deep with Loren Mahaffey into the intricate and fascinating web of yoga anatomy. This transformative journey extends beyond the physical realm as a journey of self-discovery. This fusion of body and mind leads to a greater sense of confidence and empowerment within personal practice and as yoga teachers. 

Join Loren Mahaffey, B.SC, LMT, E-RYT in The Art of Opposition. This in-depth Yoga Anatomy training explores human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and its relationship to yogic philosophy and yogic subtle anatomy. 


This training in its entirety or the individual modules are appropriate for those who wish to strengthen their personal practice as well as existing yoga teachers who desire more knowledge, clarity and confidence in this area. This class is also relevant for massage therapists, bodyworkers and movement instructors who integrate yoga into their life and professional practice.


The teachings provided in this training are both an intellectual and somatic breakdown of the human body as it relates to our personal experience of movement within our own body and our ability to observe and understand other bodies in movement. Through the explorations of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology as well as the somatic experiences within this workshop, a deep appreciation and alignment is experienced for the amazing inherent intelligence that exists within the body. Tremendous confidence is also gained to more skillfully guide others with various movement capabilities.


The Art of Opposition will be offered via pre-recorded lecture, live Zoom meetings and at Namaspa Yoga Studio in Bend, Oregon. 


Integrating and conceptualizing anatomy requires time and this unique format is structured to provide space for digestion of the information. Loren has taught Yoga Anatomy since 2012 and understands that everyone learns differently. As yogis and movers many of us  learn through our bodies so once the information is heard in lecture and visualized through a rich array of visual images, we will get on our mats to experience these concepts within our own bodies and observe each other in class. Every module will give you applicable knowledge to integrate within your own practice as well as tangible tools to apply to your teaching no matter what school of yoga you come from. 

Integrated through all meetings within The Art of Opposition is the practice of HeartMath. HeartMath is a form of mediation that focuses on the heart and has proven to have scientific significance in strengthening coherence between the heart and the brain. When coherence is strengthened we are able to focus more easily, absorb and assimilate information better as well as strengthen our resilience to stress. Learning, as we know from our experience in yoga, is not reserved for the intellectual realm alone. We learn with our Whole Being and in the Art of Opposition we as a group support ourselves and each other in this process of growth from many different perspectives and experiences.

Why is this training called

Asana (yoga posture) is defined within the classical text as a pose that embodies the opposing qualities of stability and ease simultaneously, on every level, from the outer physical form and penetrates to the  more subtle internal dynamics of our being. 


The “Art of Opposition” is referring to yoga posture and the larger practice of yoga itself in which the journey of embodying these opposing qualities simultaneously at any moment makes the practice of yoga wholeheartedly different than just shape making. This workshop is a deep exploration of this foundational understanding yoga. Via this lens which guides our exploration, our perspective is broadened as to how to make the practice accessible for all who seek it.  


Within each module we gain a much deeper understanding of that which provides stability and that which provides mobility and ease in the physical body, in our practice, as well as within our own lives. 

When the two opposing forces of stability and openness meet in equal measure there is a lightness that enters into the experience. This experience is the heart of yoga and hence the name, The Art of Opposition. 

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The Entire 65-Hour Art of Opposition Training Includes: 

  • Pre-recorded video, zoom lecture and live in- studio asana practice and partnering observation skills. All classes will also be offered live via zoom if a student cannot attend in person or live outside of Central Oregon.

  • All classes will be recorded including zoom and live classes. A library of all recordings will be provided throughout the workshop to watch if missed or to watch again if one wishes. 

  • Handouts that accompany every lecture so that note taking is an option. Not everyone learns and retains by taking notes. 

  • A rich array of curated anatomical images presented in class.

  • A private Facebook Group to access all anatomical images presented in class, articles and discussions pertaining to each module.

  • Yogic philosophy and yoga subtle body energetics integrated throughout.

  • HeartMath meditation and breath practices for self-regulation, information integration and co-regulation attunement.

  • Dedicated teaching assistants present for all classes who are available for student support.

Individual Modules


The Anatomy and Physiology of Breath



Muscles, Joints and The Art of Intelligent Sequencing



Bones, Joints, Spinal Curves and Bandhas



Lower Limbs, Upper Limbs and Pathways of Weight



The Fascial Matrix, The Lymphatic System and The Nervous System


"The Art of Opposition - Yoga Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology and Philosophy is one of the most influential and applicable yoga teacher trainings I have taken. This class integrates yoga philosophy with anatomy and physiology in a way that translates directly to practice. This integration allows for a deepening in personal practice as well as a means for creating meaningful sequences to guide your yoga students with nourishment and ease. Loren creates a safe space for learning and her dedication to students allows true growth to happen! I highly recommend this course to both new and seasoned yoga instructors."



How can I pay?

Select the course you want to take, then sign up! You can take the complete 65 hour course or sign up for individual modules. Follow the prompts to sign in or create an account. 


Do you offer discounts? 

Yes! The full course is already discounted for all participants. 2 partial scholarships are available. Inquire directly by emailing


Do I need to be a certified yoga teacher to take this course?

Definitely not. This course is for anyone who wants to deepen their personal yoga practice and has a desire to learn more about the body.


Meet Loren Mahaffey

Loren Mahaffey B.SC, LMBT, E-RYT  is passionate about learning and teaching. She has a deep understanding of the body from both an eastern and western perspective. Loren has 25 years of experience as a yoga instructor and yoga teacher trainer as well as a massage/bodywork therapist and continuing education provider. Within yoga, Loren specializes in yoga anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and yogic philosophy. She teaches within both 200hr and 300hr yoga teacher certification programs.


As a licensed massage and bodywork therapist, Loren practices  Zen Shiatsu Acupressure, CranioSacral Therapy, Brain Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. She is certified in Aromatherapy and HeartMath. As a therapist, she has cultivated deep presence and advanced manual therapy skills having worked with thousands of clients over the years.  As a teacher, Loren is articulate, dedicated and able to explain difficult concepts as well as subtleties of the body in a way that people can understand and relate to. She is able to then transmit the information within somatic movement practices that allow intellectual learning to become experiential.

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