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  • 60 minute Private Class (1-2 people): $75

  • Package of 4 / 60 minute Private Classes: $260

Private Yoga Instruction

One-on-one instruction can deepen your practice, facilitating breakthroughs in ways that aren’t always possible in a group setting. Private lessons can help you:

• Learn to work through obstacles in specific poses you find difficult
• Gain insight into your unique structural issues through hands-on adjustments and personal feedback
• Receive personalized instruction with undivided attention and observation
• Work with chronic injuries or pain
• Learn to adapt poses for your specific needs
• Develop an individualized personal practice with professional guidance

Complete beginners can also benefit from private instruction, safely learning the basics in a more private setting.It’s easy to set up private lessons at NAMASPA.


Just call us at 541-550-8550 and we'll arrange everything.

Private Yoga Classes & Parties

Our private classes meet the needs of a wide range of interests and abilities. Get breathin', movin' and smilin'! With decreased tension levels, watch your connection, productivity and patience increase! They are a great activity for your:

  • Bridal and wedding parties

  • Girls’ night out

  • Yoga slumber parties

  • Your next company training

  • Weekly yoga treat for your employees

  • Fun and healthy activity for your civic or school group - or family coming into town



  • We specialize in fierce Baptiste vinyasa flows, gentle healing and beginner flows, super mellow Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra  We use hands-on thai massage-like assists in private classes, and can also incorporate specially selected essential oils.

  • Would you like us to create a theme for your class like 'Shift Your Vision', 'Don't Rush the Process' or simply 'Motivation'? What are your intentions and goals?

  • Is your company working on a project where folks need to be in a common creative head-space?

  • Is your family dealing with a challenge or celebrating an event?

  • In our classes, we weave in transformational messages and heart-shares that speak to the human condition in authentic and restorative ways (without it it being 'in your face').  Let us know how we can customize the theme to create a unique yoga experience for your group.  It's what we do.

  • We generally lead vinyasa flow classes without the accompaniment of music so students can listen more deeply to their body and breath with fewer distractions.  However, if you have a song or playlist you would like to integrate into your class, please let us know! If you would like to jazz it up, why not take the opportunity to shake your asana?

  • Wanna do some team building? Incorporate partner yoga to promote playfulness and teamwork. Partner yoga is a great way to break down barriers and create connection.  Anyone can do it and the sense of support you both give and receive translates to life off your mat, too. Teens LOVE partner yoga!