YTT Graduates - Where are they now?

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Our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training prepares you to teach right upon graduation. It’s one thing for us to say that, but check the results - over our past 10 trainings 90% of graduates have been hired to teach yoga within 6 months! COVID-19 has slowed that process down, but many of our grads have still been hired to teach at local studios or are online. Check out our 6 month check-ins.

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Linsey Johnson

Class of 2020

I have discovered a new passion for teaching yoga, sharing the practice with our community empowers me. Since YTT, I have created a daily practice that gives me access to connection. I am able to get present by grounding down into my core values to enjoy the moment I am living in, rather than worrying about the past or trying to control the future. The healing and opening that has occurred in the past year has generated a whole lot of joy and self-love in my life. I'm now teaching at the Redmond Studio where I'm also the Studio Coordinator.

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Dr. Jane Guyn

Class of 2020

As a result of Namaspa YTT, I'm more empowered, more open, more expressed, more fluid, more present, more alive. I'm now teaching at Namaspa and have taught over 250 classes on Facebook Live since I graduated in March.

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Rebecca Vallie

Class of 2020

In 2019 I enrolled into the Yoga Teacher Training at Namaspa. OMG! It practically changed my life overnight! I feel happy, worthy, fit, loved and so much more. I am gratefully honored to have taken this path. The Namaspa YTT program has taught me the value of living with intention on and off the mat. It has forever transformed me into the very thing I am innately; my best self. I feel so humbled to have taken this path in life, it's more than just yoga, it's a way of life. I'm currently teaching at Namaspa's Redmond Studio.

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Lisa Ryan

Class of 2020

I realized that I am 'perfectly imperfect' that it is ok to fail and 'gotta suck before you can soar'. All of my life I had been so hard on myself about things that I have no control over. YTT taught me not only self care, but how to work through my anxieties and help others work thru theirs. I love yin and I intend to teach it on a regular basis very soon.

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Jared Eisenhaeur

Class of 2020

As a result of YTT, I decided to focus on my music career instead of software. I'm currently teaching on YouTube.

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Marcy Ruffo

Class of 2020

I am exploring other types of yoga and am beginning to explore getting an advanced degree in Psychology. I would like to figure out a way to incorporate yoga teachings with those that have mental illness and/or are struggling with trauma related experiences. I am also taking the Namaspa 100 HR Dare U teacher training.  So, I’m basically in exploration! 

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Elena Blackman

Class of 2019

The Namaspa yoga teacher training is one of the best investments I have made in myself. Namaspa’s holistic approach to yoga teacher training deepened my asana practice, broadened my knowledge of yoga philosophy, and fostered a period of self-study, which encouraged a personal breakthrough that allows me to be more open and to have deeper connections. I subbed classes at Namaspa and I'm currently teaching my fellow co-workers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Denver.

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Tracy Cook

Class of 2019

There has been so many changes in my life since graduation. I am making an entire career change. I am going to be an aquatic aerobics instructor, and I am a yoga teacher. I know I am capable of achieving things that used to feel like they were only dreams. Now they are my reality. I teach chair yoga at Juniper Springs Senior Center. I also sub yoga classes at Fitness 1440 in Redmond and offer private classes.

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Scooter Detweiller

Class of 2020

My yoga journey was, is, and will forever be one of the most profound experiences in my life story. The strength and power that blossomed from within me were awe-inspiring, and both friends and family have noticed how much more at peace I am with the peaks and valleys of life. Additionally, I have recently been able to adapt my practice to accommodate having a back injury. My YTT training taught me to be patient and present throughout the process of my life and the healing power of my journey!

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Maritza Encinas

Class of 2019

My realization in YTT was that I desire more connection with others beyond my professional life. YTT helped me to connect to others, and allow them to move into my space which I found anxious at first, but very welcome once I learned to take more healthy risks like trusting new people with some of my vulnerabilities. I am currently teaching a yoga with horses in Sunriver, the Yoga Horse Tribe. You are welcome to join us!

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Ann Marie Ulum

Class of 2019

The thing that brought me to yoga is part of my road, part of my story, I will listen to it and let the message do its job. Give time...time. I'm teaching a lot at Namaspa Redmond - Power Flows, Vin/Yin and Evoke Yin! It is my happy time and I'm saying yes to every opportunity to teach as a regular and sub classes to support our team! 


Andrea Wordhouse

Class of 2019

I am able to accept, live and enjoy life...on life's terms. I've learned to accept what is happening in the 'now'. I've learned the importance of connection with community.  And...I've learned that I absolutely love teaching yoga. Having a job that requires me to be present, grounded, connected and authentic is absolutely my higher power's doing. After YTT I have classes on the regular schedule, am a part of the Recovery Yoga program as well as the Namaspa Foundation.

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Susan Fox

300Hr Advanced Training

I've been teaching yoga for about 25 years and this program helped me refine my cueing and the way I approach teaching. It helped me get out of auto pilot and think differently about what I'm saying and how it's landing. While I was a very successful teacher before I did the training, I believe I am an even better teacher as a result. It's always good to try to improve and go expand my comfort zone and I'm so glad I did this. I am currently teaching at Namaspa, Juniper, The Yoga Lab, and on retreats that I do around the world 4 times a year.

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Anneliese Sharpe

Class of 2019

I've found myself saying yes to situations that in the past I would have automatically assumed I couldn't do. My confidence has increased and, the unthinkable has happened, I can now comfortably touch my toes. I'm currently teaching at Namaspa and for the Namaspa Foundation.

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Lesley Barr

Class of 2018

I feel like I've come full circle teaching yoga at the very place my yoga journey began in 2011. I have had the amazing opportunity of leading the Sunday Community Class in Bend and the Tuesday Community Class in Redmond over the summer as well as subbing and practicing at both studios. YTT taught me not only how to teach but that yoga is a way of being, a way of life. So much possibility has opened for me and I'm so excited to see where this journey leads me.

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Marisa Funk

Class of 2018

Since YTT has ended, I've been teaching yoga in the park, community classes at Namaspa, and am about to begin subbing classes there as part of the Internship program and in other fitness facilities. I feel confident in the teaching skills I've gained, and am so excited to continue growing as a teacher, a yogi, and as a human! Besides the knowledge of teaching and yoga I obtained in YTT, I also gained a huge sense of clarity that I wouldn't give up for the world. I feel that, for the first time in my life, I know what I want and I've given myself the permission to shamelessly go after it. I've experienced the ripple effect of yoga throughout my life - in work, in relationships, in everyday interactions. I am free to stick to my guns, set my boundaries, and love fiercely. YTT was the first step out the door, and now that it's ended, I'm so stoked to see where the rest of this journey will take me.

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Ashley Stevick

Class of 2018

Everything is different now. The way I respond to people and events has shifted. A few days ago my morning adventure into the mountains went slightly awry due to a radiator issue. While there was somewhere else I intended to be, it struck me that sitting in the shade of a juniper waiting for a tow truck really wasn’t so bad. I considered how I would have responded prior to YTT. Likely I would have panicked. I would have indulged in a good amount of future tripping regarding paying for repairs, and my brain would have anxiously churned over how to get to Montana for my best friend’s wedding the following Saturday. I observed the thoughts and went a different way with ease. It was a neutral situation. I could have assigned meaning and made it difficult. I could have created unnecessary struggle and drama but I chose a different route.  I teach in John Day, Oregon at a few different locations.


PJ Fritchman

Class of 2017

Since graduation, I've been teaching @ Namaspa, Bend during the Thursday Community Class and substituting classes as they occur. I also teach a weekly yin class @ Wren & Wild, downtown Bend. I can tell with each passing week, the JIP sequence is sinking in more to my core, I'm gaining confidence and teaching is much more fun than I initially anticipated. It doesn't feel like a 'job.' I love that I've started down this path, looking forward to continued growth and able to continue this skill for years and decades ahead.

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Amanda Bird

Class of 2017

What has opened up for me? My heart! Which then increased the volume of my voice. I believe this happened when I roared like a lion in the middle of a weekend training, but that Lion has been inside of me my whole life. Prior to YTT I struggled to be myself and speak my mind, even with family, friends, and coworkers...I was embarrassed about being quirky, socially awkward, and slightly dyslexic. Now, I'm a yoga teacher! Currently, I am subbing in Bend and Redmond 1-3 times a week. I can TEACH a room full of (mostly) strangers. I get to BE with them, and share how this practice has positively changed my life.

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Jaimie Edwards

Class of 2017

Since graduating I have had to walk the talk. At first I was hesitant with each step, now I am full on skipping along this path. I am teaching two classes in the Redmond Namaspa Studio 9:30 AM Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wednesday nights I teach at 1440 for a YIN class, Tuesday afternoon an ALF class at Brasada Ranch, and starting July 6th I will be teaching Thursday 6pm at The Box Fitness 541. This is a full schedule for me but still I find time to sub other classes and play outside in the sunshine.

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Ben Schade

Class of 2016

YTT has completely transformed the person I am. Since graduation I have gone on to teach on the sub list 7-9 classes a week. Every aspect of my life has been impacted and teaching allows me to stay reminded of how beneficial continuing a daily practice is. The YTT program at Namaspa has allowed me to find my voice and be a more authentic person. I have a much better view of the workings inside my mind. I can now witness my emotional responses to situations and sometimes even effect my response and change my perspective to better serve myself and those around me. The tools I learned and implementing those tools have made my life so much better on all levels.

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Piper Lucas

Class of 2015

I originally signed up for YTT because I loved yoga, my body loved yoga, and I needed more discipline in doing yoga. I had no idea all the benefits I would receive. What changed most for me is listening more clearly, and communicating more clearly. I am an architectural designer, and after a few months, my understanding of client's needs was greater just by how I was listening- I took less notes, and actually listened and retained more! My communication with my partner has been more thoughtful, clear, concise, and smooth since I've learned to disengage emotion, and be non-reactive in communication. I also learned how to trust myself and my intuition. YTT is also a lot of therapy in a few months. I ran a pilot program teaching yoga to the Bend High School girl's tennis team. This year, three of their doubles teams qualified for state!

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Kristen Lewellen

300Hr Advanced Training

I have been teaching yoga since 2011, and currently teach at Namaspa, the Athletic Club of Bend, and Broken Top Club. I decided to enhance my training and am currently working on my 500 hour YTT certification with Suzie. Since completing the advanced YTT weekend intensive module, I feel more authentic with my teaching. Teaching yoga is so much more fun when you can teach in the moment, be with your students, and create a space for growth on and off the mat. My experience with the training also translated to more clarity with my relationships outside the studio. I'm excited to finish my certification this fall, and look forward to the self study, growth, and opportunities that this training provides.'

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Arielrose Jasper

Class of 2015

Since graduating YTT in February, my life has been a nonstop whirlwind of drastic change for the better. I am no longer afraid to step into my power and show the world who I truly am by embracing and loving all of myself as opposed to being ashamed of my flaws and trying to hide them behind a mask. I am no longer afraid to take what I need and take care of myself instead of constantly exhausting my energy on other people. YTT challenged my perception of myself and who I want to be in this world, but it also made me realize that I’m a bad ass, fierce, and powerful lioness capable of achieving anything and everything I want in my life. I just finished my second to last term in the COCC massage program and will license in January 2016. Look for me this summer teaching kid’s yoga, subbing classes, occasionally guest teaching our new acroyoga classes, and teaching around town!

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Linda Santilli Taylor

Class of 2014

I had no idea what was in store for me when I signed up for YTT but I was open to change, I was open to finding a more fulfilling route in my life. I knew I wanted to give back to the yoga community, I just had no idea more gifts would be revealed. The YTT program in a sense helped me find my voice, I had always had “issues” with speaking in public and somehow class after class, digging deeper into my authentic self, actually trusting me and allowing my spirit to shine, I heard my voice! It had been there all the time, I just couldn’t find it. I love teaching yoga; there is a part of me that just comes to life. I love the meditative flow, the healing, both physically and emotionally, friendships, and community. I am continuing to grow as a teacher, to learn more, to experience more life, more happiness, more love and guess what? I get to give that away and in return receive even more. I am currently teaching at Namaspa and Max Fitness and loving this new chapter in my life.


Brandy Berlin

Class of 2014

Since completing YTT training in February 2014, I have been subbing classes at Namaspa and continuing to instruct yoga at the high school where I teach. I will also be hosting community classes through the “NamaSummer Outdoor Yoga Series” Sundays in July and August from 11:30am -12:30 at my home in SE Bend. YTT taught me to sit with my challenges just as they are, to remove the story behind it, and deal with situations responsively rather than reactively. It sharpened my powers of observation and awareness both externally and internally. One unexpected benefit of my YTT program was how much my energy and enthusiasm inspired others to try yoga and even go for the YTT themselves.

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Cathy Lawgates

Class of 2014

Since YTT I am on the sub list at Namaspa, and have been teaching there and continuing to volunteer teach at Mt. Star Family Relief and Bethlehem Inn. I will be teaching a fundraiser yoga class in the park for Relay for Life. I have also subbed some classes at the Redmond Athletic center. The YTT training really empowered me to realize that I am a teacher and inspiration just by my practice and example. I had no idea I’d really teach after the program, but I’ve found that I enjoy the practice so much and I love to share it with others. I especially like that I am doing volunteer classes and giving back to our community on a regular basis. In continuing my education and experience, I just keep learning, again and again, that it is only my mind that limits me in what I can do. My practice continues to evolve as I move past my fear and try new things. I want to keep teaching and learning and evolving!