Take time for today for sweat, stillness & play! 

A perfect compliment to your yoga practice....notice how you move with what you've learned, off the mat, in the world, on the dance floor, without the poses and structure of yoga, but with how you've embodied it's teachings. Explore your internal dance, moving in a way that fits you, that feeds you, that your body longs for and needs. Explore your dance with others, with community, and perhaps with a much larger landscape....with spirit and the earth. 

Our bodies hold our stories, our knowing, an intelligence that we can't find through our over-used thinking brain. Come let your body take the lead in this six week series. 

Each class will be a stand alone event....attend one or try them all. 

"I honor the courage it can take to step in to something new, and I'll be your guide and support through our time together, prompting you to settle more in to your body and to notice what arises. We'll bring mindfulness, presence, and curiosity to our emotions, our tendencies, our habits, our fears, and fall in love with the freedom found in movement, dance, and our own bodies in community. There's a place in the circle for you." - Lynne