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Beginning in June 2021, each of the three 5-week book clubs will focus on different texts and topics in a safe space where we can be in discovery, learn, unlearn and relearn together. Committed to creating inclusiveness and accessibility, we will discuss the systemic structures of racism and their historical origins. We will also address what we can do as individuals and communities to heal as we dismantle these structures and replace them with ones that work for everyone. 


$25 donation to NF BIPOC Scholarship Fund​

Yin is one of the fastest growing styles of yoga and helps tone connective tissue, ligaments and tendons which are critical to our physical well-being and range of motion. Postures are practiced on the floor and each is held for 3-5 or more minutes. As a result, the body is energized, encouraging a free flow of chi/prana—the “life force” of the body that often gets blocked or stagnant.

  • Learn about what Yin Yoga is, why to practice it, and how it works both physically and energetically

  • Establish a safe practice using compression and tension

  • Gain a basic understanding of energy/prana/chi and the meridians and connective tissues

  • Explore Yin Yoga poses using a functional versus an aesthetic approach

  • Learn to teach Yin classes using the Baptiste methodology including: pose sequencing, leading poses, transitions, counterposes, shaping the energetic container of a class, techniques for leading classes in-studio, via Zoom and concurrently.

  • Practice Yin Yoga, practice teach and receive specific, concrete feedback to inform your future teaching

  • Receive a training manual what covers the content as well as additional resources

Investment: $175/ $150 early-bird

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