Take time for sweat, stillness & play today! 

Learn chair yoga to improve your physical health and mental well being at work, in a plane, or ANYWHERE with Special Guest Instructor - Samson Muhalia, founder of Humanure Kenya.

  • Accessible to people of ALL AGES and abilities!

  • Learn the 6 movements of the spine, gentle joint mobility to increase synovial fluid and reduce pain, and strengthening exercises to build balance and prevent injury.

  • You will also learn how to provide gentle movement to someone who is confined to a bed, either due to injury or advanced age.

  • 11-12:30 in Redmond; 2-3:30 in Bend


$25 donation to Humanure Kenya / $20 early bird prior to September 25

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Written over 2,000 years ago, the Yoga Sutras provide a framework for empowered living. We will discuss the overall structure and intent of the 196 Sutras, and spend an hour looking in depth at the Yamas ("restraints") and Niyamas ("observances"), and how they can be practiced in modern life to provide a foundation for mental and spiritual growth.

Join us on Zoom Saturday, October 9, 1:00 - 3:30 pm

$25/$20 early bird


  • Deepen your understanding of Yin Yoga and its relationship to the energy body

  • Compare and contrast the Daoist view of energy with the Western view of energy

  • Explore the meridian system of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the main meridians affected by Yin—where they are, what they affect and why it matters

  • Learn how to integrate the meridians into your Yin practice with acupressure points and class themes and sequencing

  • Gain an understanding of the Central Nervous System - especially the Vagus Nerve - and its role in overall health and well-being

  • Expand your repertoire of Yin poses

  • Introduce associated fields of energy work to enhance your Yin practice

  • Deepen your skills in leading classes using the Baptiste methodology

  • Practice teach Yin Yoga and receive specific, concrete feedback to inform your future teaching

Led by Brandy Berlin, each of the 3 Sundays in this training begins with a 90 minute Yin practice followed by sharing and discussion where we land content delivered through the practice. We then move into lecture as an introduction to the day’s explorations and break for a one hour lunch. After lunch is a combination of more discussion and sharing, activities and explorations, practice teaching and feedback designed for participants to have an embodied experience of the teachings.

Cost: $600

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