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Breathwork is a perfect agency for resolving suffering, shifting stress holding patterns and accessing daily peace. Today more than ever this is needed. You might even notice you are arguing more, and enjoying life less, feeling just down right stressed and the stress impacting your relationships all around. Breathwork therapy is a transformational practice that strategically weaves together the power of conscious breathwork, deep bodily unwindings, and mindful somatic psycho-therapeutic investigations. It means shifting those emotional patterns and stressors from the inside out. Come taste the depth and potency of the practices Nūma Breathwork. It provides the space and time to dive more deeply into your own personal journey, helping to resolve old burdens and foster clarity in life, while also serving as an introduction to the art and science of breathwork as a facilitated, therapeutic practice.

Investment: $50 / Namaspa Teachers $40

In this workshop, you will be introduced to the Baptiste Journey into Power asana sequence. You will get the basic principles you need to create the poses and move through the transitions safely and powerfully. We will also explore the 5 Pillars of Baptiste Yoga of drishti, ujjayi, bandhas that create tapas and vinyasa/flow. You will leave with the tools ya need to take any class on the Namaspa schedule and a new sense of what's possible in your practice.

Perfect for peeps new to yoga, those in the 40 Days Program, or those who want to tap into their beginners mind.



Learn proper alignment, options, strengthening, modifications for a healthy and powerful chatarunga.

Students will get intimate with how they move through chatarunga (to create their vinyasa). Everybody's anatomy is different. We will take this opportunity to find the chatarunga that is most healthy and friendly for each body... and to build strength toward the pose you want to create. Students will have more time to feel into each shape, pose, breath and feel the space available within you to heal and feel better... and get better at feeling. Remember all the ways your body was born to move, and learn ways to create poses that work best for your healing.

Investment: $25/ $15 Namaspa Staff

Missing your yoga studio community?  Longing for connection? Looking for ways to bond with your family?

Practice from hOMe with your whole family. We will share calming breathing techniques; mindful, fun games; and partner yoga to stretch, strengthen and relax together.

Cultivate connection, positive communication, and loving touch within your family pod while having fun.


$20 per household/per event, free for staff & teachers

Yoga Nidra, “the Yoga of Sleep” is gaining popularity. It is a conscious relaxation practice where you will experience a deep state of release while at the same time maintaining complete awareness. It assists in easing tensions and bringing healing to the body and mind.

This training will begin with a 45 minute Yoga Nidra experience followed by a discussion on the what, why, and how of Yoga Nidra. We then cover the components of a Yoga Nidra practice, learn how to lead it using the Baptiste methodology, and finish with practice teaching.

Led by Brandy Berlin

Investment: $40

Discovering and incorporating the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda into your life will empower you to create a life that is healthier and happier. Ayurveda literally means “the knowledge of life”. It is a holistic health care system which incorporates the use of every aspect of life in order to assist our bodies in finding the way into our own individual balance. When we find balance, we find health. This workshop is divided into two sections and will begin by providing an introduction to the wisdom and knowledge of this ancient practice. We will then take the principles of Ayurveda and look at how we may bring this knowledge into our daily lives. Each person will leave with a greater understanding of what Ayurveda is, how it relates to them personally and how they may use the practices of Ayurveda to make changes in their lives on a daily basis so that they are empowered to live a healthier and happier life.

Investment: $25


POSTPONED TBD: In an ever changing world of agendas, performance anxiety, and prolonged uncertainty, it can be easy to find real intimacy, communication, family dynamics and sexual experiences lacking the quality of connection you desire.

Through Mastery of Connection, Redefining Intimacy Course you will:

  • Develop an understanding and shift your intimacy roadblocks

  • Identify the stories you have been telling yourself about relationships & gain skills to create ones that are more serving to you now

  • Build a new vocabulary and emotional literacy to communicate your feelings and needs in ways you will be heard

  • Discover a new relationship with your pleasure which includes a regulated nervous system

  • Feel safe in slowing down and embody peaceful confidence


FULL TUITION IS $1297. Save $200 When paid in full by December 20th, Staff and teachers 20% off. 3 payment plan options available. Extended plans available for those in need. Please reach out to Namaspayoga@gmail.com to arrange payment plans.

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