Take time for sweat, stillness & play today! 

Nada Yoga, the Yoga of Sound is one more tool to help us live a more yogic life. Chanting is the easiest way to move the mind from its busy chatter into stillness and peace. Many people will not chant because they think they cannot sing, let this workshop break down any inhibitions you have and help you find your voice! Join Jenni Peskin for two hours of stories, chanting, meditation and some serious joy . Beginners especially welcome. 


This is an uplifting class exploring elements of yoga beyond the asanas. Each person will get to explore their voice, learn new techniques for creating peace, and find that genuine joy that lives inside of each and every one of us.

Missing your yoga studio community?  Longing for connection? Looking for ways to bond with your family?


Practice from hOMe with your whole family. We will share calming breathing techniques; mindful, fun games; and partner yoga to stretch, strengthen and relax together.

Cultivate connection, positive communication, and loving touch within your family pod while having fun.


$20 per household/per event, free for staff & teachers

Spring has sprung, so freshen up your yoga practice with the notoriously playful Brandy Berlin!


BB will be taking requests and will be full of surprises in our first frolic - a 60 minute healing flow (with optional handstands, yes?!) followed by tea, cookies, homemade chocolates and chanting.

Don't think you can sing? No worries. Just wait until you pair up with the divine tones of the shruti box, a simple squeezebox anyone can sing to, play, and take for a ride.


Investment: $30

Are you stuck, unsure or scared about what decisions to make right now and want to get centered so you can reconnect with your values and live authentically? Are you confused, unclear or reactive about what is happening right now and want to cultivate respond-ability? Are you feeling anxiety and stress and lack of trust in yourself? And, even in the midst of the chaos, are you still committed to serving others, and allowing yourself to be both afraid and brave as an access to new possibilities? 

This 6 week leadership and personal empowerment series is for humans willing to explore and get real with what it takes to be the brave leader this world needs right now! It’s for those willing to do the work to step boldly into courageous and daring leadership - into fear and the unknown from a place of vulnerability, adventure and enthusiasm to create work and home environments that excite and empower you and those around you.

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