Take time for sweat, stillness & play today! 

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ENROLLMENT STILL OPEN! Let’s face it while healthcare is a very rewarding line of work it can oftentimes be very draining and the burn out rate is high. We are faced with a wide array of very challenging situations from seeing people in their most vulnerable moments (sometimes their last moments), time constraints, unforeseen events, long hours with minimal breaks, and oftentimes have work stacking up as we try to offer our full presence and attention to each and every patient we see. This can take a real negative toll on our own health and wellbeing. As healthcare providers we tend to take very good care of others yet forget to take the same diligent care of ourselves. 


This series will include the physical practice of yoga, meditation, breathwork, and inquiry or self reflection. No previous Yoga experience is needed or necessary. Beginners are welcome and highly encouraged.

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Beginning in June 2021, each of the three 5-week book clubs will focus on different texts and topics in a safe space where we can be in discovery, learn, unlearn and relearn together. Committed to creating inclusiveness and accessibility, we will discuss the systemic structures of racism and their historical origins. We will also address what we can do as individuals and communities to heal as we dismantle these structures and replace them with ones that work for everyone. 


$25 donation to NF BIPOC Scholarship Fund/ $60 for all three​

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One-Day Immersion to dive deep into the WHY behind the cues we call.

Refresh and Elevate your Teaching Skills from a place of alignment.


This training will give refresher on anatomy as it relates to yoga while also exploring the WHY behind True North Alignment. At the end of the day you will discover and awaken new muscles, have a new perspective on how the body moves, have more specific tools and cues to offer your students, understand alignment at a deeper level and have had a ton of fun while sweating it out all day.

Investment: $109

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What a year it's been! Let's gather to celebrate the summer and each other by nourishing our body, minds and spirits with yoga, food and friendship.

Roll in for a 9-11a 108 Summer Solstice Sun Salutations yoga practice on the lawn and arise from savasana to the scent of spareribs. Bring a dish to share. Pop-Up retail therapy with Mukha Yoga, Soul Sutra & Oils by Lesley. Who knows what kind of mischief we will wrestle up?


Hosted by Glenn Garland & Brandy Berlin at their home in ‘Camp Glandy’ in SE Bend)

$20 Donation Class & $10 Potluck (bring a dish, too)

IG Movement & Meditation with Live Cello

Participants will experience the sweet power of live music to inspire and deepen their practice. This is a ritual of music and movement... we come together to move, breathe, laugh, feel, heal.

When you set yourself free to really ride the rhythm of your breath, your body, and Billy's music... you will access a grounding and spacious flow of energy.

Investment: $20/$15 Namaspa Teachers 

Yin is one of the fastest growing styles of yoga and helps tone connective tissue, ligaments and tendons which are critical to our physical well-being and range of motion. Postures are practiced on the floor and each is held for 3-5 or more minutes. As a result, the body is energized, encouraging a free flow of chi/prana—the “life force” of the body that often gets blocked or stagnant.

  • Learn about what Yin Yoga is, why to practice it, and how it works both physically and energetically

  • Establish a safe practice using compression and tension

  • Gain a basic understanding of energy/prana/chi and the meridians and connective tissues

  • Explore Yin Yoga poses using a functional versus an aesthetic approach

  • Learn to teach Yin classes using the Baptiste methodology including: pose sequencing, leading poses, transitions, counterposes, shaping the energetic container of a class, techniques for leading classes in-studio, via Zoom and concurrently.

  • Practice Yin Yoga, practice teach and receive specific, concrete feedback to inform your future teaching

  • Receive a training manual what covers the content as well as additional resources

Investment: $175/ $150 early-bird

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