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Our Credo & Culture

Every Namaspa team member - each teacher, ambassador, teacher-in-training is asked to read, process, question and adhere to the following agreements. Grounded in yoga ethics, we use them to settle any and all conflicts that inevitably arise.

Namaspa’s intent is to assist individuals to enhance their power - the ability to live at their full potential and to realize their life's mission through peaceful action. As a member of the Namaspa team, I promise to create a safe space for all students to be at home and at ease, where they can be themselves and feel accepted for who they are.


I pledge to see the divine light within others and to treat them accordingly, with respect, love and compassion.  If I have an issue with another person, my first course of action will be to speak directly to him or her about it, as I would a brother or sister, in an accountable fashion to find a peaceful solution.


I pledge to work and interact with others in accordance with the Core Values and Mission Mantras of Namaspa:

  • Core Values: Unity, Integrity & Empowerment

  • Mission Mantras:

    • Create Inclusiveness & Accessability

    • Hold a Safe Space for Discovery

    • Speak the Truth from Love

      ...and in accordance with the ethics of yoga practice, in particular:

  • Nonviolence:  I will practice acceptance and compassion for myself and others, ensuring that my actions are kind and helpful, to avoid creating injury or destruction of any kind.

  • Non-lying:  I commit to speaking words derived from honesty, truth and love, and not speaking words that derive from deception, assumption, exaggeration or creating or furthering gossip.

  • Non-stealing:  I commit not to take anything that has not been freely given, including the time, resources and possessions of others.

  • Non-harassing: I will not harass, exploit or intimidate anyone at any time.

  • Non-grasping:  I will embrace the continuous flow of change in our environment and embrace and encourage this for myself and others around me.


I acknowledge and agree to fulfill the responsibilities of my role at Namaspa with the full understanding of the task, the results and the example set for others.  I acknowledge that I am a teacher here, teaching empowerment, regardless of my role and whether or I am on my mat, at the check-in desk, interacting with students, on a retreat or in another yoga studio.

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