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Pete Kartsounes

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Michalis Patterson

Zia McCabe 

& May Arden of the Dandy Warhols

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Lilli Worona

"All success is not about never falling down or even simply about falling down and getting back up over and over...success is about more than simple resilience. It's about using that downward momentum to propel ourselves in the opposite direction. It's about capitalizing on setbacks and adversity to become  even happier, even more motivated, and even more successful. It's not about falling down, it's falling up." --Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage

$25 All-Day Zoom Access

Access all the yoga classes, live music and the silent auction for one price!

Schedule of Events
  • 9-9:15a Meditation & Preview of the day 



  • 11:30-12 Break



  • 2-:2:30 Break


  • 2:30-3p Afternoon Nidra Nap w/ PJ Fritchman

    • 3-3:30p Live music with Zia McCabe of the August Darlings, percussionist of the Dandy Warhols & Auction Items Preview 


  • 3:30-4p Break


  • 4-5:30p Succulent Vin/Yin w/ Linda Taylor & Andrea Wordhouse & live music with Lilli Worona of Dry Canyon Stampede, formerly of the Broken Down Guitars

    • 5:30p-6p Live Music with Lilli Worona & Auction Items Preview


  • 6-6:30p Break


  • 6:30-7p  Breaking up with 2020 w/ Brandy Berlin: Meditation, Intention Setting, Chanting 


  • 7-7:30p Break


  • 7:30-8:55p Evoke Energy Yin Yoga & live music w/ Brandy Berlin


  • 9p Watch the Times Square Ball drop at Midnight EST


  • 9:30p Auction closes

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All proceeds from this event go to the Namaspa Foundation.

We provide empowerment and access for underserved individuals to cultivate new social and emotional life skills through conscious movement, create new possibilities in their lives and align with their true selves through the transformational power of yoga. From this platform, individuals learn to contribute to themselves, to their family and their community.