As the saying goes "what goes around comes around." The pandemic may not be entirely over, but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and it's time to pick up our heads, look to the horizon, and dance in gratitude and joy for all we have together! 

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Pete Kartsounes

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Jeshua Marshall


Wayne Newcome

Schedule of Events

We are thrilled that this year's celebration will be IN PERSON as well as on Zoom, so you can party with us wherever you are!

Auction is OPEN: Online Silent Auction via Bidding Owl, featuring 100+ local items from local retailers!*

9:30-10:45 AM • Healing Flow in BEND with Petit and Pete Kartsounes playing live + 30 minute concert after 

12-1 PM • Power Flow in BEND with Marisa Funk with Jeshua Marshall playing live instrumental guitar 

2-3 PM • Vin/Yin in REDMOND with Suzie Newcome with Wayne Newcome playing live + 30 minute concert after


**Note: We have made the difficult decision to cancel the party component of our New Year's Eve festivities in an abundance of caution for your health and the health of our employees. We feel the party presents a much higher risk of virus transmission than regular class due to people talking with each other, likely loudly over music, and taking their masks off to eat and drink. Put on your flapper dresses and pin-striped suites anyway and boogie in the living room!

9:30 PM • Auction Closes 

The price for the All-Day Pass and Silent Auction is just $40, and all proceeds go to benefit the Namaspa Foundation. For $25 you can attend one of the classes. We're looking forward to celebrating with you!

* Have an item or service to donate to the auction? Please email us at, and we'll set you up!

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All proceeds from this event go to the Namaspa Foundation.

We provide empowerment and access for underserved individuals to cultivate new social and emotional life skills through conscious movement, create new possibilities in their lives and align with their true selves through the transformational power of yoga. From this platform, individuals learn to contribute to themselves, to their family and their community.