We have been leading LIVE classes via Zoom since the first day we closed for COVID in March, and we have continued them even after re-opening, so

ALL classes can be accessed online if your preference is to practice from home.

How to Register for Live Online Zoom Classes

  • Please sign up for class online in advance. Pre-registration is required for you to get your link to class.

  • Click on the image to download our Namaspa app or locate it in the Apple Store. 

  • Notice it will show 2 classes in most time slots - "IN STUDIO" & ​"Online via Zoom"


  • "Online via Zoom" is the one you want to sign up for to practice remotely.

  • Once you sign-up on the "Online via Zoom" class, we will email you with a link to the class.


  • If you sign up more than an hour in advance you will receive a confirmation email.

  • Your Zoom link to take class will come about 30 minutes before class begins - or within a few minutes if you sign up less than 30 minutes before class.

    • Note: the emails are sent from FitGrid x Namaspa Yoga and Massage - please be sure to check your spam, promotions and updates accounts.

    • If you don't see it by 15 minutes prior to class, email us at

    • You also might want to download Zoom on your computer or put the Zoom app on your phone - otherwise the link will prompt that if you don't have the software.




Haven't been into Namaspa before? You are welcome to purchase our Introductory Special (typically just for Central Oregon residents) - $39 for one Unlimited MONTH of classes! Use this pass to access the Online Zoom Classes AND our recorded classes on the "Audio Classes (web)" tab.

Has it been 6 months or longer since you've been in? Email us at and we will hook you up with a "Re-Do the Intro" pass for $39

Feeling strapped for cash? We understand many people aren't working right now and we don't want that to inhibit your chance to do yoga. Email us at and let us know what is going on and we will get you a price-reduced pass. 

Do you live in another timezone than US-Pacific? You can still practice with us live, however, to sign up, please email us at, because Mindbody online may think the class is already over due to the time difference. You could also reset your phone to US-Pacific time just so you can put yourself in the app.

Your yoga pass also gives you access to our library of Audio classes, meditations, and prior zoom classes

  • You can only access these links from a web browser. Go to this link, enter your Mindbodyonline username and password (make sure you are not on the "staff sign in" but the regular student one) and click on the "Audio Classes (web)" tab to see the full array of links.

  • If you don't have an unlimited pass, the link will charge your class pass - however you can bookmark it in YouTube and come back to it as often as you like for no additional fee.

Additionally, we are posting free Facebook livestream meditations at Monday & Wednesday at 9am Pacific in our public group called, Come As You Are From Where You Are, which also has postings of our zoom recordings and postings on social justice issues. You can access this group from our Namaspa Yoga & Massage page -  another great way to stay connected from your living room!

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New: Your membership or yoga class pass now gives you access to our audio recordings of yoga classes and guided meditations, led by our instructors! 


To access, log in to your Namaspa MindBodyOnline account HERE . You will likely have to find "Namaspa" studio, and be sure to use the regular "sign in" and not the "staff member" sign in.


Once in, click the "Audio Classes (web)" tab*, and you will see the list of classes - simply click the name to launch the class.  Note: The class plays in YouTube through a pop-up window. Please make sure you go to your Preferences in your browser and allow pop-ups from MindBodyOnline, and allow pop-ups from your phone in the browser app as well if you are using your phone.


If you have a class pass and clicked the class before realizing this, just email and we can adjust your pass for you.


If you have a membership or unlimited pass, your audio class will be accessed free of charge as part of your unlimited pass. If you have a class pass, you will be deducted one class for the recorded class. Be sure to bookmark it in YouTube however, and then you can play that class again unlimited times at no additional charge. Each time you click it through MindBody it will deduct a class.


*This is named because you cannot access the audio through our Namaspa app - however, you can click the "Link to Audio Classes" tab in the app and it will launch the "Audio Classes (web)" link in your web browser. 

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