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New to Namaspa?

We get that taking that first step is often the hardest one. Come as you are, not as you think you should be. We are here to support you as you explore the whole yoga thing. At Namaspa Yoga Community, we are committed to inclusivity & creating accessibility, holding a safe space for discovery & speaking the Truth from Love. Come experience this for yourself. All are welcome always all-ways.

Start with our $49 Intro Pass & get one month of unlimited yoga from right where you are.

Welcome to the Namaspa Community!

This page will help you to choose your first class, come prepared, and to know what to expect.

1. Which class to take?

  • All of our classes are suited for all levels of experience, so if you are a beginner you will be guided by the teacher on how to create the shape of the pose, how to modify as needed, and if you are more experienced you will receive suggestions about how to enhance your experience. 

2. How to sign up?

  • Once you've registered, download the Momence App so you can easily sign up, pay for class and even watch the Zoom classes. The app isn't required however, you can always sign up from this site or just show up to class.

3. What to bring?

  • Bring what you need for class: yoga mat and a towel (recommended for heated classes). If you don't have a mat or towel, you you can rent them from us. We also have props: yoga blocks, yoga straps, bolster and blankets for Healing Flow and Yin classes. 

  • Wear comfortable clothes you can move and stretch in. The Power Flow and Vin/Yin classes are heated to 90 degrees, so tank tops and shorts are recommended, and bring layers if it is cooler outside. You will leave your shoes outside the room - we practice in bare feet - or socks for Yin.

4. What to expect?

  • Our teachers do not generally practice with the class. Instead they will be walking around the classroom giving hands on assists and speaking directly to you to give you directions to create healthy alignment, movement and expression. So, have fun, be yourself, and don't hesitate to ask questions. 

  • We begin and end each class with Oms, which helps to raise the vibration of the class, to warm up the body, and to unite the class in sound and breath. 

  • Most importantly, please know this practice is not a competition. Let go of your concern of not knowing and trust your inner wisdom. The aim is to leaving you feeling light, whole and complete, and connected with the others in your class.

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