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Suzie's Testimonials

"Thank you for creating this incredible program and for all the time and energy you spend teaching and training. You (and this training) are a gift to Central Oregon."

Katie Quan, 2022

"Suzie kept the program running smoothly and on time. I was impressed with how she was able to roll with the constant changes due to COVID-19 restrictions and shutdowns. Suzie made it feel organized and like a safe place to be."

-Crystal Wright, 2021

"Suzie brings the fire! She inspired me to be up to something bigger. The knowledge she brings to the YTT program is world class. I love her story, how yoga transformed her life, from the corporate world to beginning a studio in Bend. I also appreciate her Ayurvedic background and training. It adds a rich "wholistic" experience, a reminder that personal tranformation does not just occur on the mat but in our everyday routines and habits. Suzie's feedback in class is direct, clear, and focused."

2021 grad

"Suzie has a calm and fluid demeanor and spirit, with a great smile and insight into people. She asks pertinent questions when people are doing their internal work in class, and shares from a deep well of knowledge and experience in an accessible way. She balances her yogi side with her business expertise -- I love the Harvard MBA Yoga teacher -- it was valuable to receive that combination of perspectives. Suzie combined rigorous training with encouragement and a felt belief in each of us."

Bruce Morris, 2021

"When I took my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program with Suzie Newcome honestly I wasn't sure what to expect. I suppose at the very least I expected to learn how to teach a yoga class - but I got that and so much more. What I gained from this training was essentially a blueprint and formula to live my life through the 8 limbed path of yoga - namely the Yamas and Niyamas, meditation and of course the asanas. Through this 6-month training with Suzie, she helped me to recognize my true self a person I had longed to know, knew existed but hadn't allowed to surface. I gained confidence and began breaking down barriers in myself that were holding me back from my goals. Shortly after completing my training - I landed my dream job in the cycling industry and have never felt more capable and aware in my life. I know it sounds like a cheesy infomercial - but it's true. Suzie helped me to see the great potential that I possessed and did so with humor, honesty and kindness. I would recommend her training to anyone. Of course, be prepared to work hard both mentally and physically and push yourself to new limits. Trust me, it's worth it." -Janette Sherman, Yogi & Yeti Cycles Marketing Manager


"I had the honor to participate in Suzie Newcome's first YTT almost six years ago and since then continue with ongoing teacher trainings she facilitates. Suzie has inspired me to grow as a teacher and awaken to my own personal power in all areas of my life. She encouraged me to attend Level 1 with Baron when I was a student at Namaspa and upon my return, gave me the opportunity to jump right in and learn how to teach. Suzie is an amazing mentor, teacher of teachers and friend. Her feedback and compassionate guidance allowed me to make breakthrough after breakthrough in my confidence level and proficiency as a teacher


"Suzie is a genuine teacher. Her enthusiasm is contagious as she guides others along their paths of discovery. It is an honor to learn from one of the best" – Petit Marchi


"I have been teaching yoga since 2011, and decided to enhance my training with Suzie's 500 hour YTT certification. Suzie's program has helped me to teach more authentically and in the moment. Not only is her training empowering, but she has personally taught me how to feel comfortable with my truth and how to empower my own students. My experience with her training also translated to more clarity and growth with my relationships outside the studio. I'm excited to finish my certification with her this fall, and look forward to the additional self study and opportunities that her training provides." -Kristen Lewallen


"When I first decided to sign up for Yoga Teacher Training with Suzie Newcome I wasn't really sure what was in store for me. I just knew I needed something that would re-connect me to my inner "shine". What Suzie's teacher training gave me was something more powerful than I ever imagined. Yes, she taught the asana, the history, philosophy, sanskrit, anatomy, everything you would expect in a "normal" teacher training. Well, this is no normal teacher training. Yes, you will get all of the above, but so much more than you bargained for. Personally speaking, I am more powerful today as an employee, teacher, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend. I show up, I speak from my heart, I create change, I am up to something bigger than I could ever expect. When we shine, we give permission for others to shine, then they shine and pass it on, and before you know it this shine is contagious and the world begins to change, one shine at a time." -Linda Santilli Taylor, RYT


"I am glad I had the opportunity to do my Yoga Teacher training with Suzie! I have been to a few teacher trainings but it was Suzie's depth of knowledge and connection to you that I was able to excel beyond my comfort area. Suzie knows how to break down the class that learning is fun, enjoyable and takes you to a new depth of understanding yoga.

Before my training with Suzie I could never have gotten up in front of a crowd of people to talk never mind teach a yoga class. now five years later I not only teach I own a business. It was Suzie's training that enabled me to break free of my own blocks to realize my potential." -Sharon Page


"Suzie Newcome truly exceeded all expectations as a program facilitator. I feel extremely fortunate to have had her guidance and direction. Her instruction is clear, loving and available. Suzie always gives space for individual needs and supports the group as a whole. My life has grown and blossomed in ways I never dreamed possible due to my participation in YTT program lead by Suzie. I am grateful for the experience!" -Tami Taylor

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