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Our Story & Culture
Our Credo

Namaspa’s intent is to assist individuals to enhance their power - the ability to live at their full potential and to realize their life's mission through peaceful action. As a member of the Namaspa team, I promise to create a safe space for all students to be at home and at ease, where they can be themselves and feel accepted for who they are.


I pledge to see the divine light within others and to treat them accordingly, with respect, love and compassion.  If I have an issue with another person, my first course of action will be to speak directly to him or her about it, as I would a brother or sister, in an accountable fashion to find a peaceful solution.


I pledge to work and interact with others in accordance with the Core Values and Mission Mantras of Namaspa:

  • Core Values: Unity, Integrity & Empowerment

  • Mission Mantras:

    • Create Inclusiveness & Accessability

    • Hold a Safe Space for Discovery

    • Speak the Truth from Love

      ...and in accordance with the ethics of yoga practice, in particular:

  • Nonviolence:  I will practice acceptance and compassion for myself and others, ensuring that my actions are kind and helpful, to avoid creating injury or destruction of any kind.

  • Non-lying:  I commit to speaking words derived from honesty, truth and love, and not speaking words that derive from deception, assumption, exaggeration or creating or furthering gossip.

  • Non-stealing:  I commit not to take anything that has not been freely given, including the time, resources and possessions of others.

  • Non-harassing: I will not harass, exploit or intimidate anyone at any time.

  • Non-grasping:  I will embrace the continuous flow of change in our environment and embrace and encourage this for myself and others around me.


I acknowledge and agree to fulfill the responsibilities of my role at Namaspa with the full understanding of the task, the results and the example set for others.  I acknowledge that I am a teacher here, teaching empowerment, regardless of my role and whether or I am on my mat, at the check-in desk, interacting with students, on a retreat or in another yoga studio.


In summary, I pledge to continue to make myself good, the studio good and the teachers, students and volunteers good, in all words and actions.