• Notice we often show multiple classes on the schedule that reflect different class locations.

    • ​"LIVESTREAM" are located at your location - where ever that may be.

    • "BEND STUDIO" classes are located in the "Bend Main Studio" and are limited to 13 students per class.
    • "REDMOND STUDIO" classes are located the "Redmond Main Studio" and are limited students per class.

  • To allow for as many students as possible, we will be enforcing a strict cancellation policy.

  • Due to the limited number of in-studio mat spaces, if you need to cancel a class you have previously signed up for, please do so via the app ASAP so we can fill that spot. If it's within 60 minutes of class beginning, please email
    • You will be charged for the class if you do not cancel within 60 minutes of the class start - $10 if you have an unlimited pass.

  • If you are waitlisted for class, know we will clear the waitlist no later than 60 minutes prior to class - after that time you can email us at to see if there have been no-shows.

  • Studio doors open 15 minutes in advance of class. Please arrive 10 minutes before class begins. If you do not arrive by 5 minutes before class begins, you forfeit your spot to someone on the wait list.

  • Due to the need for COVID-19 protocols, studio doors will be closed and locked once class begins. If you arrive after the doors are closed, you will still be charged for the class.

  • We will ask you to sign a release and have your temperature checked. 
    • If your temperature is above 100 degrees, we will ask you wait until your temperature drops in order to take class.
    • If your temperature does not drop, you will not be able to take an in-studio class.

  • All of our teachers commit to staying home - and we will ask this of you as well - if they or you:

    • Have been around anyone else who has exhibited cold symptoms, or was known to have COVID-19 in the past two weeks

    • Have experienced any cold or COVID-19 symptoms within the past 2 weeks (especially fever, cough & loss of smell/taste)

    • Have a temperature of 100 degrees or more

    • Have traveled outside of Oregon or housed with someone who has in the past 2 weeks

    • We also recommend that stay home if you or someone you live with are high risk - this is for your own safety and well-being

  • Please wear a mask or a face shield at all times while in the studio.

    • We will have masks to provide if you don't have one. Shields can be purchased for $5. 

  • Please keep 6 ft distancing from other students.

    • Floor markers and mat squares have been taped to help with this.

  • Please bring ONLY what you need for practice - your mat, block, strap, towel and water bottle. There will be no cubby storage and no rentals, and we have removed all accessories from the studio, including blocks.​​

  • Practice with ujjayi breath - through the nose with your mouth closed through class. 

  • We have invested in cleaning products and processes to help sanitize our space, including:

    • Air purifiers for each studio which kill germs and viruses with ultraviolet light.

    • Floors and high touch surfaces will be cleaned before and after each class with disinfectants proven to kill COVID-19.

    • All studio classes will also be heated to 90 degrees with added humidity, an environment not conducive to the spread of COVID-19.

    • We have removed high-touch amenities such as tampons and hair ties, but if you need one of these just ask.

    • We will of course have plenty of hand sanitizer for you to use.

  • If you prefer to practice at home, good news - most of our classes take place via Livestream as well! Get instructions for accessing ONLINE CLASSES HERE.

Most of all, we want to express our APPRECIATION to YOU, for standing by us through our closures and re-openings. We have loved staying connected with you through our online classes, and we are committed to rejoining you in person in the safest way possible.

See you soon In-Studio or Livestream!

Suzie, Brandy & the Namaspa Teaching Team

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