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  • Are you a vinyasa yoga teacher who quietly longs to take their teaching, leadership and expression into new territory?


  • Are you ready to learn the skills to deliver bold, impactful--and packed--yoga classes full of sweat, stillness and play all while speaking from your heart?


  • Are you interested in developing a deeper understanding of the Baptiste Methodology and how to adapt and apply it to meet the needs of any population?


  • Are you willing to be seen, challenged and aligned with your soul’s secret sacred blueprint and use it to help you navigate and be a contribution to the world?

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Have you taken a yoga teacher training in the past, but lack the experience and confidence it takes to actually teach the people you want to reach? This one-on-one coaching program will focus on identifying what is keeping you scared, stuck or stale in your teaching and life so you can FREE UP! We will get compassionately curious about what is working and not working in your teaching so you can rumble with it and remove the rubble that blocks your expression and really impact students and the world.


*One-on-One Coaching Program 
*3-90 minute Zoom Coaching Calls - 4.5 hrs
*2 Co-Taught Classes - 3.5 hrs
*Teach one final “pass” class with post class feedback/discussion - 2 hrs
*Homework: Feedback/Reading/Videos/Journaling - 5 hrs
*Handouts/notes covering the methodology and skills we cover
*Unlimited support via email and closed facebook group
15 hours, counts toward 300hr Certification - 10 hours of contact time / 5 hours of outside assignments


PREREQUISITE: You must proficiently pass a full Community Class and be approved by the owners in order to be qualified for this mentoring program and Namaspa studio and Foundation sublists.


*Establishing a new relationship with fear and excavating the self-limiting beliefs that block you from delivering impactful classes from your boldest expression as a yoga teacher.

*Identifying your default speaking and “scripts” so you can create your classes - and life - freshly, authentically and playfully.

 *Essential communication skills so you can speak straight, cut the extra fluff, land your intentions, and really inspire your students.

 *Integrate themes and personal heart shares to move students from their physical practice into possibility and empowerment both on and off their mat.

 *Develop a deeper understanding of the Baptiste methodology as a life skill.


Led by Brandy Berlin or Suzie Newcome


"During my high school college years, I had a few of smart, kind, funny and generous teachers and professors mentor me from my studentship into my teaching and leadership. Tears fall out of my leaky eye holes when I consider how these humans impacted my life. When I graduated from my 200 Hour yoga teacher training at Namaspa, I couldn’t wait to continue to grow as a teacher. Then fate put my primary yoga teacher Suzie Newcome regularly on her mat in my new Vin/Yin class. I remember being totally, equally, thrilled and terrified. What if, or rather when I screw up, she’s gonna be right there to see the shit go down! I got NOwhere to hide. Then, I remembered I was a YES for my growth! Her presence and attention, her straight and loving feedback, her being there as a stand for me challenged me and FREED ME UP to be a powerful, impactful yoga teacher. Out in the wide open, under Suzie’s mentorship, I sharpened the tools of my trade, and like the guides of years past, she too believed in me until I could catch up - and that let me tell ya - makes ALL the difference. This FREE UP Yoga Teacher Mentoring Program is a chance for me to humbly continue to bring this same support to others."  --BB

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