DARE U Testimonials

Deven Sisler

Kids & Family Yoga

Namaspa Teacher & Children's Yoga Teacher Training Program Facilitator

The DARE U program with Brandy Berlin challenged many of my comfort zones and helped me expand my boundaries as a teacher in person and online. The assignments and community of colleagues kept me focused and inspired during the challenging times of the pandemic. Brandy's teaching, our gatherings, our work was such a light for me during COVID fatigue, moments of darkness and hopelessness. 


I got a huge amount of clarity and tangible tools about how to set an authentic inspiring theme in my classes, then how to weave it through a vigorous yoga sequence and leave the participants with their own questions/thoughts/inspirations while in their bodies in community. Brandy breaks down big concepts, like themes or writing your own workshop descriptions, into templates/formats that are accessible and take teaching professionally to the next level.

You will learn more about the ethical guidelines of yoga, the philosophical side and experience how it pertains to your personal/professional life-- not just what it looks like on paper. Brandy's assignments and discussions demand we contemplatively examine these roots in our lives, how we show up as community leaders and teach from this authentic place.  You will gain an insightful mentor, inspiring community and unlock potential in your professional potential that you can't do on your own. If you are feeling burnt out or stagnant, this training will light an internal fire that will glow for others to see.

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Amanda Bird

Namaspa Yoga Teacher &

& Workshop Facilitator

What did I get from this program? I got tangible tools - (1) Theme Map, tools for theme weaving like locating a source, determining breadcrumbs and creating PTP cues/examples to land physical experience of theme. (2) Focusing on physicality as a way to create possibility through Connective Cueing to create a story in the body and to empower the students in each pose as to what's possible, (3) The Why -- "Do this, don't do this, do this....to get ___" (4) Tools and experience in leading cold-call meditations and impromptu Namaspa nuggets (in-class workshops and demos) as a way to establish trust with students as well as generate a listening and provide tips for alignment/modification/fuller expression.

(5) Language for and permission to disrupt the drift. (6) More resources for anatomy and muscles/bones and expanded knowledge of target areas of the poses.

I feel more confident in general. I'm re-energized and inspired. I've dialed down my core values: Honesty and Spirituality and especially during this year of extreme chaos, confusion, fear, anxiety - knowing what my values are and returning to them when I found/find myself confused or agitated has really helped me stay saner and healthier than I would've been otherwise.


I also didn't realize how much I was over-complicating/over-thinking things, and by diving into this DARE-U program with both feet I feel as though I can walk into/log on to any class or any situation and be confident that I've got a solid foundation and the tools I need.

Don't think about it, do it. It's a gift for your spiritual and physical and mental growth that your heart, and your students, will thank you for.

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Andrea Wordhouse

Namaspa Yoga & Meditation Teacher

& Recovery Yoga Teacher

& Program Facilitator

If...YTT is the alphabet. DARE U teaches you to use it. I have such a better understanding of the Anatomy of Yoga, understanding of targeted muscles/areas in the body, learning connected cueing, and how to land a theme with simplicity both in the body and in my class.


Fundamentally, DARE U has given me not only new tools but, the practical experience to actually use them with confidence.


Overall I have a much better command of my class.

I can look confidently at my students and offer cues in the body. Brandy's DARE U really brought the "Why" to what we do and, from there, its so damn much easier to teach! My comfort level in teaching a class really improved thru the DARE U program.

Also, big shout out to learning to lead meditation on the fly! Wow, meditation was challenging and Im so so much better of a teacher, person, wife, mother for gaining this knowledge and then getting practical experience actually doing it.

I highly recommend DARE U to any teacher who wants to go deeper in their teaching, both new and experienced teachers will benefit from Brandy's 'Boots on the Ground' teaching. I came out of DARE U finally understanding JIP. Actually 'knowing' it. I was good at memorizing (in my head) it all from the book, but DARE U put that knowledge in my bones. It's hard. It's a lot of work. Brandy demands a lot.....but, if you trust Brandy and her process, it leads to a powerful place!!